Selleys THE ONE adhesive delivers superior bond strength on any building material*. Can be applied to wet or dry, interior or exterior, porous or non porous material. Extreme versatility that takes the guess work out of adhesion tasks


  • Strong bond on any building material*
  • Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Can be used on porous and non-porous materials
  • Will adhere to oily surfaces
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Flexible and long lasting
  • Paintable with water-based paints
  • *Not for PE, PP, PTFE, or permanent water immersion

Where can this product be used?

  • Sheet flooring to joists
  • Metal or aluminium door strips to floors or walls
  • Timber or fibre cement sheeting to cement block or brick walls
  • Masonite to timber
  • Wallboard or panelling to wood or metal frames
  • Cork tiles to timber, fibro or plaster
  • Tempered hardboard to floorboards
  • To eliminate the squeaks in tongue and groove boards 

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Suitable for all building materials*
  • *Not for PE, PP, PTFE, or permanent water immersion


Please contact your store to confirm avaliability, as some stores may have a limited range.

Size 290g Cartridge
Colours Grey
Technology Sil-X®
Use Interior 
  1. Ensure surfaces are clean and free from grease or loose particles.
  2. Cut tip of cartridge, fit nozzle and cut at 45º angle to desired size before placing in a cartridge gun such as Selleys Light Speed Caulking Gun.
  3. Apply with a caulking gun, pushing adhesive onto the surface.
  4. Position pieces and press firmly together. Larger, heavier materials may need to be supported until the adhesive cures.
  5. Allow adhesive to set for approximately 48 hours before removing mechanical fasteners or supports.
  6. If painting, paint with water-based paint.


  • *Not for PE, PP, PTFE, or permanent water immersion 
  • Keep a pack of SELLEYS Sugar Soap Wipes handy to wipe up any spills and for cleaning. They are an easy and effective way to keep clean on the job.
  • Paint with water-based paint. If paint does not coat the sealant surface properly, lightly rough the surface with sandpaper before painting.  
  • Clean up with mineral turps before the adhesive cures. 


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