Daily cleaning, spot cleaning, or spring cleaning; whatever type of housekeeping you're doing, there will always be surfaces and objects that require a special approach. Selleys oven cleaners are great for clearing all types of grease and grime from your oven, but they're not designed for cooktops. Our range of Hillmark Cerapol and Ceraseal cleaning aids are perfect for cleaning and protecting ceramic glass and induction cooktops without scratching or streaking.

You'll find a Hillmark speciality cleaning aid for a variety of appliances and surfaces; each developed to clean and protect without damaging sensitive materials. Whether you're wanting to clean and descale your kettle, coffee machine, or iron, or wanting to clean and condition leather with a single wipe. And finish off your delicate cleaning in your kitchen and bathroom with Hillmark Stone Kleen & Protect. The anti-bacterial formula doesn't only clean and sanitise, it also protects polished granite, marble, and reconstituted stone benchtops and vanities with ease.