You'll find that Selleys Super Kleen, Household Tough Wipes, and Bathroom Tough Wipes are convenient for any spot cleaning around your home. Safe for use on most washable surfaces, they get rid of dirt easily and without any streaking. And the anti-bacterial formula means everything is left hygienically clean too. Use Selleys Grout Stain Whitener to protect the grout in tiled areas from stains and mould, and to revitalise already discoloured grout.

Treat your sportswear, sports shoes, camping gear, and outdoor furniture with Selleys Water Shield to keep them clean regardless of the weather. This colourless silicone-based aerosol helps repel water, snow, and ice from most natural and synthetic fabrics without affecting breathability.

And when you need to clean walls and ceilings, Selleys Original Sugar Soap range easily cuts through tough dirt. Choose Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes for everyday use, and the concentrates for larger areas and before painting walls and ceilings.