Keeping your oven clean is important, but without the right cleaning aids it's hardly an enjoyable task. Regular exposure to high heat means that the grime and grease on oven surfaces tend to be tougher than most. And caustic based cleaners remain the best solution for effectively removing these tough stains without heavy scrubbing.

For an extra-fast clean, Selleys Oven Clean can be applied to warmed oven surfaces and wiped clean after only four minutes. When used in a cold oven you can wipe the surfaces clean after 30 minutes.

Selleys Oven Plus Heavy Duty Gel must be used in a warm oven, but this powerful formula is easier to apply and fume free. You can make cleaning your oven even easier by using Selleys Oven Wipes daily to clean up spills and absorb grease before they dry and become tougher to remove.