Durable and versatile, contact adhesives are great for bonding large, flat surfaces together, but can also be used for smaller patch and repair jobs. Most can be used on a variety of materials such as timber, leather, canvas, rubber, and cork, while a few are also suitable for bonding metals, glass, and certain plastics. The initial bond is almost instant, making contact adhesives suitable for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, with full strength achieved once the adhesive has cured.

Because contact adhesives don't become rigid when dry, they work well on flexible materials, with Selleys Kwik Grip Spray ideal for craft projects and car upholstery repairs. Solvent-based contact adhesives can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, though heat and water resistance does differ. For high heat resistance, choose Selleys Fix&Go Kwik Grip, Kwik Grip Horizontal, or Kwik Grip Vertical. Selleys Kwik Grip Waterbased is also heat resistant up to 130°C but is only suitable for interior use.