From crafters and casual hobbyists, to passionate woodworkers, our wood glues were developed to bond both natural and engineered timbers. Selleys Aquadhere Durabond is a solvent-free polyurethane wood glue that bonds all woods and timbers, but unlike PVA-based glues, is resistant to acids and most chemicals. This also makes it suitable for bonding other materials such as glass, metal, ceramic, and concrete.

While Selleys Fix&Go PVA is designed specifically for craft projects, it bonds mosaics, cardboard, cloth, leather, and wood. But being water based, it is meant for interior projects only. Selleys Aquadhere Interior, Exterior, and Quick Set are PVA based, dry clear, and can easily be cleaned up with water. Only Aquadhere Exterior and Aquadhere Durabond are weather resistant and suitable for exterior use.