Repainting a room or wall always begins with preparing the surfaces. Sometimes this requires little more than Selleys Original Sugar Soap to clean. But when you need to first remove paint or varnish from surfaces, both Selleys Kwik Strip and Kwik Strip Smart are what you need. The low vapour formula of Selleys Kwik Strip Smart makes it safe to use indoors and outdoors on most painted surfaces. And it is tough enough to penetrate multiple layers with one application, whether the paint is oil or water based. Selleys Kwik Strip is also safe for use on most painted surfaces, but the Methylene Chloride in this product means it can only be used outdoors.

Having your business or home defaced with graffiti shouldn't always mean having to paint over the piece. Selleys Muck-Off is a methylene chloride and NMP free formulation that removes graffiti from a wide range of surfaces. On painted surfaces, the graffiti can be wiped off immediately after applying Muck-OFF, while on unpainted surfaces some scrubbing is needed.