Hanging wallpaper or applying paper backed vinyl artwork to a wall in your home needn't be intimidating. Selleys innovation has made the entire process as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 is using Selleys Wallpaper Peel Stripper Paste to remove old wall covering, including paper, vinyl, and foils. Simply mix with hot water to create a paste that you use to saturate the old covering. Once thoroughly soaked, remove the paste and paper with a wide scraper.

Step 2 means applying Selleys Wallpaper Size & Wall Primer to cleaned surfaces before you hang the wallpaper. The water-based formula includes a fungicide to protect against mould but is not suitable for any wall coverings that use latex adhesives.

Step 3 begins with choosing the right wallpaper paste. Selleys Wallpaper Lightweight Paste is perfect for lighter wallpapers, and for hobby and craftwork such as paper mache. Choose Selleys Wallpaper Medium-Heavy Paste for heavier wallpaper and paper backed vinyl that is unpasted.