Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen is a flexible gap filler with superior water and mould resistance for bathroom and kitchen surfaces.


  • Superior water resistance.
  • Superior flexibility to cope with building movement, meaning the cracks and gaps will be hidden for longer. Up to +/- 25% movement capability.
  • Optimum adhesion is achieved on ceramics, glass, aluminium, most plastic and cement.
  • Mould resistant-contains a fungicide to help protect against unsightly mould growth.
  • Can be painted over with both water and oil based paints
  • Easy water clean-up
  • Low odour

Where can this product be used?

  • Bathroom vanities
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • In and around glass and tiles
  • Cabinets
  • Architraves
  • Skirting boards
  • Bench tops
  • Windows
  • Door frames

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Most Plastics
  • Cement Sheeting
  • Wood
  • Plasterboard
  • Many other building surfaces

Please contact your store to confirm avaliability, as some stores may have a limited range.

Size 410g Cartridge
Colours White
Technology Water Based
Use  Interior 
  1. Ensure the surface is clean and free from dust, grease, flaking/powdery paint and old or crumbling caulk. 
  2. Cut seal and nozzle and fit to cartridge. Insert into a quality caulking gun, such as Selleys Light Speed caulking gun.
  3. Apply with caulking gun, forcing product into gap
  4. Smooth with a wet spatula.
  5. Clean up with a damp cloth immediately, before filler skins in approx. 10-15 minutes.
  6. Allow surfaces to skin prior to painting (approximately 1 hour). Skin time will be extended in cold or humid conditions, or if painting with flat or ceiling paints (approximately 3 hours)
  7. To allow product to strengthen, protect from water for 24 hours.


  • Should not be used in permanently damp locations. Use Selleys® Wet Area Silicone Sealant around sinks, baths and shower recesses.
  • Not recommended for prolonged contact with water. 
  • Ensure you tape both sides of the gap before applying the product. This ensures a neat finish and makes it easier to clean up.
  • When first applying product, extrude a small amount onto a piece of scrap material to ensure a smooth continuous flow of gap filler.
  • Remove the tape before the gap filler skins.
  • If you are going to wipe off the excess gap filler with a wet finger, ensure you wet your finger with water and not saliva, as saliva contains bacteria and this will increase the chances of mould growing in your gap filler. It is best to use a spatula dipped in soapy water.
  • Clean off all excess No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen from equipment immediately before it cures with a damp cloth. Once cured, No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen is extremely difficult to remove and must be trimmed with a knife.
  • Keep a pack of Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes handy to wipe up any spills and for cleaning. They are an easy and effective way to keep clean on the job.
  • To avoid paint cracking, apply at temperatures above 5°C and do not apply paint too thick.
  • Allow longer drying times before painting with flat or ceiling paints and in cooler weather.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces however product must be allowed to dry following application.
  • Uncured product may be removed with water.
  • Cured product can be removed by sanding and scraping. 

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