Depending on where they are, gaps, cracks, and holes around your home can be unsightly. But they also allow drafts and moisture to get into spaces they don't belong. Fortunately, there are Selleys flexible gap fillers for almost every type of surface and material.

Unlike rigid fillers, these retain flexibility once cured, ideal for surfaces where movement might occur. Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen offers superior water and mould resistance and can be painted over to blend in perfectly.

Aside from knowing what surfaces you will be using your gap filler on, you need to also pay attention to fillers designed for indoor and outdoor use. Selleys No More Gaps Interior Fast Dry, No More Gaps Interior Colours, and Pro-Spec Flexi-Fill can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. But for superior resistance to weathering, use Selleys No More Gaps Exterior or No More Gaps Bricks and Mortar. Both developed exclusively for outdoor use, they offer both weather and UV resistance without colour deterioration or staining.

What is gap filler?

Gap filler is a substance that is designed to fill the space in surfaces or between two materials (e.g. the wall and skirting board). Gap fillers are able to be used with most building materials and can be painted over to suit your home. There are a range of applications for gap fillers and putties and they can be used on plaster, concrete, brick, aluminium, wood, tiles and more.

If you have a hole or crack in your home, you might notice draughts or other issues such as excess moisture or bugs. A simple fix to this is using a caulking gun to apply a Selleys gap filler.