Selleys White For Life Ready To Use Grout and White For Life Powder Grout are both meant for indoor use only. They offer similar benefits, such as not requiring sanding, being crack resistant, and being resistant to yellowing and staining. But for use in wet areas, Selleys Ready To Use Grout offers superior water resistance, along with resistance to mould and soap scum. It is also available in a cartridge for fine work and smaller jobs.

Enhance the mould, water, stain, and yellowing formulation of Selleys Grout by using Selleys White For Life Grout Sealer. Simply spray onto the tiles and dried grout, allow to penetrate for one hour, and then wipe off any overspray. Can be used on new and existing grout, but always allow new grouting to dry for at least three days before applying the sealer. Suitable for use with both cement and water-based grout.