All Selleys tile adhesives are non-slumping, making them suitable for use when tiling walls or floors. However, each is better suited to specific tiling applications. For indoor and outdoor tiling, including the use of large tiles, choose Selleys White For Life Powder Tile Adhesive. Being cement based, mixing and proper surface preparation is necessary. But this also makes it suitable for use in wet areas that have been waterproofed beforehand.

Selleys White For Life Ready To Use Tile Adhesive requires no mixing, but is water-based. Suitable for use with large tiles, it can be used for tiling applications in bathrooms, but not when tiling shower floors.

Rounding off our range of tile adhesives is the Sil-X® based Selleys White For Life Tile Adhesive. Available in a ready-mixed cartridge for use with a caulking gun, it is ideal for small tiling jobs and repairs. It is better suited for wall tiles but can be used on floor tiles in areas that are not subject to high volumes of foot traffic.