Get the kids involved in this fun DIY Christmas decoration craft.

Made from items you will need to forage for, these pine cone Christmas trees will look delightful on your Christmas table. 

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1 Day

What You Need

  • Pine cones 
  • Selleys Aquadhere Quick Set
  • 25mm wood dowel 
  • Handsaw
  • Clean brush
  • Fine grit sand paper
  • Wooden stars 
  • Green spray paint
  • Gold paint
  • Paint brush

How To Guide

Step 1: Set off to forage for some pine cones. If you can’t find any nearby you can always get them from your local craft store. 

Step 2: Clean any dirt or debris off your pine cones with a brush. You can also rinse them in water if needed and leave to completely dry. 

Step 3: Paint the tips of the pine cones in the colour of your choice. Paint the wooden stars with gold paint, feel free to add some sparkle with glitter aswell.

Step 4: Using a hand saw, cut your wood dowel into lengths of approx 3-6cm. Sand away any rough edges with a fine grit sandpaper and then wipe clean with a cloth. 

Step 5: Apply Selleys Aquadhere Quick Set to the bottom of the pine cone and attach it to the middle of the piece of dowel. This product is great because it is a non-tovic PVA that dries quickly! The adhesive will set in typically 10-20mins.

Step 6: Apply Selleys Aquadhere Quick Set to the bottom of the star and attach it to the top of the pine cone. 


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