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Leaking roofs, gutters and skylights

To effectively deal with leaking a roof, gutter or skylight you need a versatile product that will provide a water tight bond without being obvious, such as Selleys Storm Sealant.

Selleys Storm Sealant delivers a waterproof seal on any material* wet or dry, indoor or outdoor. It can even be applied in the rain to stop leaks in an instant.

Repairs to flashing

Around chimneys, skylights, exhaust fans and other roof penetrations flashings are used to keep the weather out, but sometimes the flashing starts to leak.

Selleys Roof & Gutter Silicone Sealant is the recommended way to seal flashing to prevent these types of leaks.

Simply caulk out the sealant between the flashing and the roof and push firmly into place. Tape or hold in place until firm enough to prevent lifting.

Repair cracked or broken roof tiles

Over time, roof tiles can become affected by extreme weather conditions and may become loose, cracked or broken.

Damaged roof tiles can lead to serious water damage and need to be repaired quickly.

Selleys Storm Sealant is perfect for sealing cracks and/or bonding broken tile pieces together. It provides a waterproof seal to protect your home from the elements. 



Selleys ArmourFlex

Selleys ArmourFlex provides superior strength with instant grab and more flexibility than conventional adhesive/sealants.

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