Selleys Water Shield is ideal for repelling water, snow and ice from a wide variety of fabrics and is one of the unsung heroes of the Selleys range!

With a surprising number of uses, we set about nominating just a few. Check out these 12 tips below

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12 Handy Uses For Selleys Watershield

  1. Spray on tent when camping
  2. Waterproof your sneakers* by spraying before heading outside.
  3. Give your umbrella an extra water shield barrier.
  4. Using a paper map as a guide? Protect it with a light spray!
  5. Protect your outdoor furniture.
  6. Spray your hat before going out into the rain – yep! It helps keep your hat water resistant.
  7. Spray on your backpack before heading out into the elements.
  8. Spray on your gloves before exposing to water.
  9. Spray on your jacket before going out into the rain.
  10. Waterproof ski equipment so you’re not left soggy after a day out in the snow.
  11. Spray over the canvas on a caravan canopy for optimal water resistance.
  12. Canvas tarp water repellent. 

Handy Tips

  • Make sure to patch test a small area prior to spraying on to teh whole surface.
  • Selleys Water Shield is not recommended for leather or suede articles.
  • Ensure material to be sprayed is colourfast by testing product in an inconspicuous are


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