A broken toy can spell disaster - for kids and parents alike.

When making everyday household repairs, such as fixing a broken toy that requires flexibility, it is essential to select a flexible adhesive such as Selleys Power Grip.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1 hour

What You Need

Easy as...

1.   Make sure both surfaces are clean, dry and dust free

2.   Apply Selleys Power Grip to one surface 

3.   Bring the surfaces together and clamp or tape if needed. With porous surfaces like wood and ceramics, practical strength takes about 12 hours. Allow more time for non-porous surfaces, like wood and metal. 

4.   Clean up with mineral turpentine or acetone before adhesive set 

5.   Be sure to wipe the nozzle and replace the cap to stop the tube drying out. Store in a cool dry place.


Selleys Quick Fix 10 Second Supa Glue

Selleys Quick Fix 10 Second Supa Glue is the tried and tested glue that is great for all types of minor household repairs. It requires no mixing, gives a strong bond in seconds and dries clear.

Selleys All Fix Multi Grip

Selleys All Fix Multi Grip is a strong multipurpose adhesive that dries clear. It is ideal for hobby projects or repair of household items and PVC pool liners.

Selleys Power Grip

Selleys Power Grip is a superior all purpose glue powered by Sil-X technology for high versatility and durability, this glue will work even in the most extreme conditions**. 

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