If you want to create a stylish splashback in your kitchen – tiles are an affordable DIY option that can add, colour, pattern or texture to a space.

Learn how to tile your kitchen splashback in 3 steps with the Selleys White For Life triple pack complete with tile adhesive, tile grout and tile sealant!

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
7 Days


Ensure surfaces are clean and free from grease or loose particles. Any fresh paint, membranes/coatings, render or concrete, must be allowed sufficient time to cure before tiling is done. 

Step 1: Adhesive

  1. Apply Selleys White For Life Tile Adhesive  in vertical strips 5cm apart at the back of the tile.
  2. Position tile and press down firmly. Due to the high initial hold of the product, support during curing is not usually necessary. TIP: Start with the bottom row of tiles.
  3. If laying multiple tiles, use spacers to ensure even grout joints. TIP: Wall tile joints are 1.5-3mm wide.
  4. Check that the tiles are level and use a rubber mallet to tap lightly and level them if required.
  5. Remove excess adhesive using turps from the face of tiles and from joints between tiles before adhesive cures.


Step 2: Grouting

  1. Once the tile adhesive has set (usually 24-48 hours), remove spacers, dust and debris from the joints and seal porous tiles before grouting otherwise removal of grout from tiles will be difficult.
  2. Grout small areas at a time with Selleys White For Life Grout by working the grout into the joints and smooth off, using a rubber squeegee or grout float.
  3. Allow grout to firm up in joints (approx. 20 minutes). Allow longer times for cold conditions.
  4.  Using a damp (not wet) sponge, clean tile surfaces by wiping lightly, in a circular motion. Finish with a single wipe diagonally across the tiles with a clean, damp sponge.
  5. After 24 hours, buff and polish the tile surface with a soft clean cloth.


Step 3: Sealing

  1. Allow grout to fully dry (3-7days) before applying sealant between the tiles and the benchtop.
  2. Ensure surface is clean. Using the scrubbing brush and dustpan, remove any debris from dried grout line. 
  3. For neat joints, mask sides of joint with tape.
  4. Using Selleys White For Life Silicone, caulk out the sealant into joints with steady pressure.
  5. Tool off to a smooth finish and remove tape before sealant skins.
  6. Clean up with turps before product skins
  7. Allow 72 hours for sealant to cure completely.



White for Life - Ready to use grout

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White For Life Silicone Sealant

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