As winter sets in, it’s important to think about how to keep your home toasty and warm while keeping those heating bills down and one easy way to do this is to stop cold air from sneaking in.

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1. Check for gaps and draughts

Holes or gaps in the home are a welcome entryway for cold air. Inspect your home thoroughly, paying careful attention to the skirting, walls, architraves and even light fittings – particularly older down lights.

Selleys No More Gaps is a quick and easy solution for most gaps in your architraves – with solutions for both inside and outside. A door snake is perfect for preventing draughts. Check how to prevent draughts in your home here

2. Pull out the rugs

If you have hard floors such as timber or tiles, now is a great time to pull out those cosy, warm rugs. Not only do they help retain heat, they also feel lovely under feet.

3. Thicker window coverings

Sheer curtains look amazing and are fantastic for those balmy summer nights but in winter, they aren’t very good at keeping the cold air out.

Thick window coverings, such as curtains to the floor, are a great way to keep the cold air outside.

4. Clean out your air conditioning

It’s important to keep your air filters clean through the season. If your home is susceptible to dust (whose isn’t) and pet hair, it is essential to clean them once or twice per season. This will make air flow better and more hygienic while also saving on your energy bill – win/win!


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