Pr Tn Top 5 Spring Clean

Renting or moved into an old(ish) home? Chances are, you’re going to run into something that either leaks, drips or needs fixing

We’ve rounded up the top 5 issues around the home and how you can fix them.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1 hour

1. Re-seal your Shower

DIY Tool Kit: Selleys No Mould, Selleys Silicone Remover, secateurs, painters tape, spatula

Using a sharp blade, remove existing sealant and clean area with mineral turpentine, ensuring all traces of silicone has been removed. Allow to dry completely. For really stubborn silicone, you may need to use Selleys Silicone Remover. Apply a think layer to residual silicone and leave for at least 2 hours before scraping away. To help protect adjacent surfaces, run painter’s tape along glass or tiled wall, ensuring join is still well exposed.

Cut Selleys No Mould tube tip. Starting from top of screen, apply silicone evenly to join, ensuring silicone is applied deeply to join.

Clean uneven areas with a spatula dipped in soapy water. Remove tape from surfaces and wipe areas with a cloth dampened with mineral turps. Allow 48hrs to set.

2. Drip proof your tap 

DIY Tool Kit: Wrench

If your tap is dripping, then it’s likely the washer or O-ring need replacing. Fortunately, you can DIY!*

Turn off the mains supply (you don’t want water going everywhere!), turn tap to fully open and allow any water to run out. Remove lock nut or button that holds handle, remove handle and plate cover. Using a wrench, loosen and unwind tap body or spindle.

Carefully pull out spindle and remove existing washer. Fully unwind the spindle until O-ring appears, replace O-ring and wind back up.

Replace washer and reinstall spindle, tightening with wrench. Reassemble tap, turn on the mains and gently open.

*Not suitable for mixer taps 

3. Mind the window gap

DIY Tool Kit: Selleys No More Gaps Multi Purpose and/or Selleys No More Gaps Exterior and Weatherboard, caulking gun, painters tape, secateurs.

Gaps between window frames and walls can let in unwanted draughts, so it’s best to seal them up quick smart.

Clean area, ensuring it is free of dust, debris, grease or paint. Cut Selleys No More Gaps Multi Purpose cartridge tip, place in caulking gun, attach nozzle and snip at 45-degree angle.

To help protect adjacent surfaces and ensure a clean finish, run painter’s tape along wall and window, ensuring gap is still well exposed.

Starting from top, apply filler into the area, ensuring it is applied deeply into the gap, before smoothing with a wet finger or spatula.

Clean area with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

To seal around exterior frames, use Selleys No More Gaps Exterior and Weatherboard 


4. Nail head holes

DIY Tool KitSelleys Spakfilla Rapid; sandpaper; cloth; sample paint pot; paintbrush

Every home has at least one of these. Little holes (up to 20mm in diameter) in walls left from hanging photo frames or picture hooks. They may be small, but certainly worth fixing, especially if you’re renting.

Gently sand over the hole, ensuring edges are smooth. Wipe with cloth to remove dust. Using the supplied spatula, scoop a small amount of Selleys Spakfilla Rapid; press firmly into the hole and smooth off. Let dry for about 30 minutes (for thin applications). Lightly sand back any excess filler and wipe away any loose dust. To paint, apply light layers over the repair and surrounding area, feathering the strokes to help blend in with the existing wall. Allow to dry between coats.

5. Loose pool tile

DIY tool kit: Selleys MarineFlex; caulking gun; cloth

Do you know what it feels like to get to the end of a puzzle and be left with a missing piece? That’s what your pool must look like. Unfinished, forever a work-in-progress.  

Did you know you can actually fix it, without having to drain the pool?

Yep, even if it’s underwater. Using Selleys MarineFlex, you can just glue the tile back on. All you need to do is chip away as much of the old adhesive as possible, ensure it’s clean, apply MarineFlex to the back of tile, position in place and press down firmly. Remove excess with a cloth.


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