How To Seal Leaking Gutter

We live in the land of extremes, from blazing hot summers to a months’ worth of rain in an afternoon and everything in between (sometimes all in one day).

These weather events can often take us by surprise and wreak havoc on our homes. Here’s some top tips to help you prepare you and your house for changeable weather.

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Scout your outdoors

Take 10-15 minutes to take a good look around your house and yard. Storms don’t only bring a lot of rain but can often have dangerous winds that can bring down branches and even trees.

Look around for any branches that are overhanging your carport or are close to the house, by cutting back these before a storm rolls in, you could save yourself a massive headache.

Clean out those gutters & check those pipes

Debris in gutters can play a big role in clogging pipes during a storm. Dragging out the ladder and cleaning out the gutters will keep the down pipes flowing normally. It will also give you the opportunity to check gutters down pipes for any cracks.

Selleys Storm Sealant is perfect if you find any holes or areas of concern, and can be used on wet and dry surfaces.

Check (or create) your own emergency kit

Having an emergency kit can help you get through a tricky situation like a water leak in the middle of a downpour, and could even save yourself from calling in an emergency tradie (which we know sometimes can be expensive).

Your location will dictate what makes sense in your kit, but here are a few things that can save you in a pinch. Quality torch, matches, drinking water, portable power pack (incase of power outages) and of course, Selleys Storm Waterproof Tape. It stops active water leaks for at least 48 hours*, making it ideal for emergency fixes until permanent repairs can be made.

Create a safe environment for your pets

Animals can often be unsettled prior to wild weather so do mans best friend a favour and make sure they have somewhere safe and secure to settle. For more tips, visit the RSPCA here   

The storm has passed, now what?

If a storm has already passed and you’ve noticed storm damage around your home, it’s important to stop leaks quickly to prevent serious damage to your home. Here’s some tips on how to make emergency roofing repairs – read more


*Not suitable for PTFE or some rubbers. Not suitable for porous substrates, glass, and glazed ceramic in wet conditions. Not for leaks subject to pressure, permanent water immersion or underwater applications. Waterproof seal is temporary (at least 48 hours). Clean up any residue with mineral turpentine. Not suitable for repairing large holes, rips, or on seams. NOT TO BE USED TO REPAIR SAFETY DEVICES OR IN SAFETY CRITICAL APPLICATIONS.


Storm Sealant

Get a water-tight seal that lasts with Selleys Storm Sealant. This sealant delivers an immediate waterproof seal on any building material, wet or dry, indoors or outdoors.

Roof And Gutter Silicone

Keep your roof and gutters leak-free with Selleys Roof and Gutter Silicone. This sealant provides a water-tight seal that resists cracking and shrinking.

Brick And Concrete Silicone

Seal your brick and concrete surfaces with ease using Selleys Brick and Concrete Silicone. This sealant is perfect for high-movement areas and provides a water-tight seal.

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