Organise your garage by installing some racking onto the walls. Perfect for storing surfboards, scooters or even your garden tools! 

Kyal shows us how using Selleys Hold Up which is the perfect solution if you are nervous about drilling into your brickwork.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1 Hour

What You Need

How To

Step 1

Step 1

Cut the tip of the Selleys Hold Up cartridge and screw on the supplied nozzle. Load into a high quality caulking gun

Important: Make sure surfaces are clean, free from grease, girt and grime. Before applying on a painted surface, make sure the paint is in good condition & not flaky, peeling, or loose as the final bond may be compromised

Step 2

Step 2

With the v-notch of the nozzle facing upwards, apply adhesive on one surface in long vertical beads approximately 5cm apart

Step 3

Step 3

After applying the adhesive, press surfaces together firmly, ensuring the adhesive spreads

Step 4

Step 4

Make sure the rack is level – you’ll have 15 minutes until the glue sets.


Hold Up

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