Selleys can ensure the bond between your DIY home renovations, broken fixtures and woodwork stay strong.

Read our guide and we’ll show you how to navigate through these sticky situations.

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At some point in your life, you’re going to need to stick some stuff together. But if you don’t use the right glue, it’s easy to come unstuck. If you want to keep your sanity (and perhaps, even your relationship) intact, let us help.

Selleys can help to ensure the bond between your DIY home renovations, broken fixtures and woodwork stay strong. Read our guide and we’ll show you how to navigate through these sticky situations.

Construction adhesives

For DIY pros considering building, construction, landscape and flooring projects, Selleys Liquid Nails is the glue for the job. It is *the* original construction adhesive and can be used both in and outdoors on a range of building materials* – timber, metal, aluminium, concrete, tiles or ceramics – even if the surfaces are rough or uneven.

Help attach plasterboard to studs, bond paving to concrete, stick timber panelling to walls or any other tasks which require gluing and screwing. For specialised surfaces, check out the Liquid Nails range for a suitable product.

If you’re seeking an all-purpose construction adhesive, which doesn’t require any clamping, screws or nails, even when sticking to vertical surfaces, go for Selleys Hold Up. It’s super simple to use and also comes in a tube – no caulking gun required!

Quick fixes

For the times where a quick and easy fix is needed, we’ve got you. Selleys Power Grip comes in a squeezy tube, which makes it easy to whip out and apply to broken mug handles, handbag straps, garden pots or toys – it’s incredibly versatile.

The glue will set within minutes for most materials, but allow longer drying and curing times for non-porous surfaces, like metals and plastics**. Once set, it’s shock-resistant and withstands virtually anything. Ensure you clean the nozzle, tightly replace the cap and keep it handy in the top drawer for when the time calls.

**Not suitable for polyethylene or polypropylene. Use Selleys Power Grip All Plastics for polyethylene or polypropylene

Heavy duty home fixes

You know that mental ‘list’ of annoying things you need fix around the home? Drawer handles, jewellery, crockery, ornaments, light fixtures and yep, even that niggling loose chair leg! We’ve got glue for that – Selleys Araldite 5 Minute*. It’s an epoxy adhesive, which means its high strength and grips fast – Selleys Araldite 5 Minute can hold up to 75kg! If you need higher strength, check out the Araldite range.

The glue comes in two parts, which are mixed together and applied to both surfaces before bringing them together. Ensure you mix the glue thoroughly, until it becomes creamy and little bubbles appear. The glue will begin to set within 3-5 minutes, so you’ll need to work fairly fast.

For full strength bonds, clamp or hold joins in place with tape or weights and allow to dry for at least 12 hours. 


Whether it’s a simple craft project, building a new timber cabinet or simply repairing or restoring furniture, Selleys Aquadhere has you covered.

Selleys Aquadhere Interior is perfect for school projects and little ‘fix-it’ jobs around the home, especially wobbly timber chairs.

For more heavy-duty tasks, like timber joinery, cabinet or furniture making, use Selleys Aquadhere Exterior – it bonds stronger than most woods, so the wood will break before the glue does! It’s what the pros use, plus, it’s weatherproof, so it’s suitable for outdoor projects.

Contact adhesive

Sometimes, the bonds we require need really close contact, like really close. For this, you’ll need Selleys Kwik Grip.

The range is perfect for bonding large, flat surfaces, like laminated plastics to bench or table tops, installing lino, patching vinyl flooring or repairing holes in tents and outdoor equipment.

While it’s suitable for use on a range of materials, it can react to some surfaces, so it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer to see if Kwik Grip is right for the job.

*Not suitable for polyethylene or polypropylene such as moulded plastics, eg. garbage bin or fridge drawers

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