Turn a dowdy tallboy that was out for hard rubbish into a trendy piece for your home.

What You Need


Step 1: Mix ½ cup of Selleys® Sugar Soap into ½ bucket (5 litres) of water. Use a soft clean cloth to clean the tallboy from top to bottom with the sugar soap solution.

Step 2: Cut wallpaper slightly oversized to the face of the drawer. Also cut holes in the middle of the wallpaper where the handles will be.

Step 3: Now to attach the wallpaper to the tallboy drawer with Selleys® Kwik Grip® Waterbased. It applies white so it’s easy to see but dries clear for a neat finish. Apply glue to the tallboy and to the wall paper. Then attach the wallpaper to the drawer. Use a paint roller to ensure your wallpaper is smooth. If any glue squeezes out, just clean it up with a cloth and some water.

Step 4: When the wallpaper glue is dry cut off any overhang.

Step 5: Use Selleys® Araldite® 5 Minute to glue on the new handles in the precut holes in the wall paper. This avoids the need for screws. To use Selleys® Araldite® 5 Minutes, dispense equal parts of both liquids onto a clean disposable surface (e.g. a disposable plastic plate) and mix both parts together thoroughly. Apply mixed glue to both the drawer and the hardware, then bring together. Leave to dry for 16 hours before using.

Step 6: Polish the exposed wooden areas with Feast Watson® Soft Wax in Natural. Apply a thin even coat using a soft dry cloth. Leave for 5-10 minutes to penetrate the timber. Buss the surface with a clean, dry cloth to achieve an even coating with a higher sheen level.

Step 7: Fill the tallboy up and enjoy!


Sugar Soap Original

A professional strength and high-performance formula which powers through tough grease and grime.

A contact adhesive that is ideal for bonding large, horizontal, flat, close fitting surfaces. Forms a durable, heat resistant bond for long lasting results.

Araldite 5 Minute

A clear, fast setting, two-part epoxy which provides a rigid durable bond to a wide range of surfaces.

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