Selleys Power Grip is a superior all purpose glue which sticks and withstands virtually anything*. Powered by Sil-X technology for high versatility and durability, this glue will work even in the most extreme conditions**.  Where normal super glues fail, Power Grip rises to the challenge. 



  • Sticks and withstands virtually anything*
  • Outperforms super glue on uneven, porous or non rigid surfaces
  • Shockproof - bends on impact.
  • Gap filling - sticks uneven surfaces together, which means you can fix things that don't break cleanly.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Paintable
  • Adjustable for 1min
  • Non-Drip (great for vertical surfaces)
  • Water and weather proof - suitable for interior and exterior use*
  • Heat resistant -15°C to +120°C
  • Solvent free, no shrinkage
  • Set time 3 minutes^
  • * Not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene or PTFE. Not for permanent water immersion. Avoid UV exposure.
  • ^Allow longer times for non-porous surfaces such as metals and plastics

Where can this product be used?

  • Shoe repair
  • Repair broken wooden toys
  • Repair hand bag straps
  • Repair mug handle
  • Repair broken jewellery


What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Foam
  • Leather
  • Ceramics
  • Masonry
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • Most plastics*

* Not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene or PTFE

Please contact your store to confirm avaliability, as some stores may have a limited range.

Size 4g Tube
  5g Tube
  8g Tube
  10g Tube 
  20g Tube 
Colours Opaque
Technology Sil-X
Use Interior 
  1. Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry. Remove cap and apply to one surface.
  2. Bring surfaces together and hold the bond in place. If necessary clamp or tape to support until adhesive sets (typically around 3 mins, allow longer for non porous surfaces such as metal and plastics).  For porous surfaces such as wood and ceramics, full practical strength is usually achieved within 12 hours. Allow longer times for non-porous surfaces such as metals and plastics.
  3. Product cures rapidly, wipe nozzle clean and tightly replace cap immediately. Store upright in a cool, dry place.
  4. Clean up before adhesive sets with turps or acetone.


*Not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene plastics or PTFE. Use Selleys All Plastic Fix for polyethylene or polypropylene. Not for permanent water immersion. Will yellow in direct exposure to UV.


  • To reduce set times on non-porous surfaces, keep surfaces apart for 30 seconds before bringing together.

^Allow longer times for non-porous surfaces such as metals and plastics.


  • Uncured product may be removed with turps or acetone.
  • Cured product can be sanded and scraped. 

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