Selleys Aquadhere Durabond is a solvent free, moisture curing, polyurethane wood glue. It has excellent bond strength and water resistance, which makes it perfect for jobs requiring extra durability, both interior and exterior. Aquadhere Durabond is suitable for bonding wood to almost anything and is easily sandable, paintable & stainable.


  • Super durable, high strength
  • Waterproof (not for permanent water immersion)
  • Bonds all types of wood or timber to almost anything
  • Acid and chemical resistant - PVA's break down with acid/alkaline contact
  • Versatile, can be used to bond surfaces other than wood
  • Heat resistant up to 140°C
  • Expands as it dries
  • Sandable - will not clog sandpaper or timber like other PVA emulsion glues
  • Paintable and stainable after sanding
  • Can be used for gap filling
  • Non-Toxic (once fully cured)

Where can this product be used?

  • Interior and exterior
  • Sauna or cabinet repairs in high heat and moisture prone areas
  • Bonding Timber to other surfaces (metal etc)
  • Cubby House with metal roof & floor lining
  • Planter boxes
  • Steps leading off a verandah
  • Timber letterbox to a metal support frame
  • Window frame
  • Decorative timber to a pergola
  • Interior panels of a boat
  • Repairing wooden boat oars
  • Repairing wooden handles on tools
  • Timber joinery
  • Laminating chopping boards 

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • MDF
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • All timbers
  • Most plastics (will not adhere to polyethylene or polypropylene)


Please contact your store to confirm avaliability, as some stores may have a limited range.

Size 460mL Bottle
Colours Brown, dries yellow opaque
Technology Polyurethane
Use Interior 
  1. Wear gloves (adhesive bonds to skin)
  2. Surfaces must be close fitting, clean, dust and grease free. One surface should be porous. Adhesive requires moisture to cure. Wipe very dry porous surfaces with a damp cloth 1 minute before bonding. Wipe oily timber surfaces with acetone on a clean rag to remove any surface oils & allow to dry before applying adhesive.
  3. Apply a thin layer to one surface only. Glue expands and foams as it cures.
  4. Assemble within 10 minutes and clamp firmly until cured (approximately 4 hours)
  5. Wipe nozzle and seal tightly. Store in a dry place. Product is humidity sensitive.
  6. Maximum strength attained in 24 hours, depending on humidity and material porosity.


  • Do not add water to Aquadhere Durabond or the container
  • Not suitable for below waterline applications or for continuous submersion.
  • Not for polyethylene or polypropylene plastics (test other plastics first).
  • Not recommended for structural applications.
  • Requires atmospheric moisture to cure, therefore use may be restricted in dry conditions (refer to tips for advice)
  • Cannot be used if application temperature is below 5°C
  • While Aquadhere Durabond can adhere to damp surfaces excess moisture can result in increased foaming and a weakened joint. Ensure tight clamping or weighting to reduce foaming 



  • 460mL covers approximately 3-4m2
  • For bonding with smooth surface materials such as glass, plastics or metals, we suggested sanding or roughening the surface.
  • The tighter you clamp, the better bond you will obtain.
  • In extremely dry conditions or for extremely dry surfaces (eg terracotta) wipe surfaces with a damp rag prior to bonding to ensure sufficent moisture is present to cure product. Surfaces should not be wet.
  • For cleaning surfaces prior to application of adhesive, if the surface is porous, we would recommend using Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap. If the surface is non-porous eg glass or metal, firstly clean the surface with acetone. If there  old, difficult to remove residue such as old paint, we recommend using paint stripper.
  • If glue comes in contact with hands, use acetone or white spirits to remove immediately and then rinse off with soapy water followed by hand cream. Alternatively wipe hands regularly while using Aquadhere Durabond. Once cured, adhesive is extremely difficult to remove from skin.
  • If cured material is discovered on the skin, then rub vegetable oil or Vitamin E cream into the area repeatedly to accelerate the natural process of the skin shedding, which will in turn cause the cured product to fall off.


  • Uncured product may be removed with acetone or turps immediately after use.
  • Cured product can scraped, cut, chiselled or sanded. 

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Selleys Aquadhere Durabond

Selleys Aquadhere Durabond is suitable for bonding wood to almost anything, is easily sandable, paintable & stainable. Perfect for jobs requiring extra durability.

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