There are many times when you will find having a high-quality degreaser useful. Typically thought of in terms of auto care, degreasers can help remove grease, oil, and associated grime in number of areas. Selleys Engine Degrease is solvent-based, making it more suited to getting into–and dissolving grease in–small spaces. Use it for safely cleaning most types of machinery, including lawnmowers and chainsaws, and also dissolving oil on work clothes and concrete. Selleys RP7 Heavy Duty Degreaser Trigger and Degreaser Wipes are water-based, so can be used on a wider range of materials, including rubbers and plastics.

Selleys RP7 multi-purpose lubricating and penetrating spray is great for removing rust and lubricating many moving parts. But Selleys Ezy Glide provides a dry, slippery coating and can be used on absorbent surfaces without an oily residue. And when you need to repel water, snow and ice from fabrics–such as car upholstery–regular treatment with Selleys Water Shield is your solution.