With more than a dozen formulations, finding the ideal rigid gap filler is easy with Selleys. Developed to close gaps and cover up holes and cracks in a multitude of surfaces that aren't expected to move or flex, use them for new builds or maintenance repairs.

For covering up simple cracks, chips, holes, or dents on interior and exterior surfaces, use one of Selleys Spakfilla products. Pre-mixed and water-based, our Spakfilla products only need a single application, are fast drying, and can be sanded and painted over once dry. When you need to be able to mould the filler, Selleys Plasti-Bond Heavy Duty is a plastic putty that can be shaped before it hardens.

Selleys No More Cracks Powder Fillers are perfect when you need a little more than Spakfilla. No More Cracks Interior is ideal for use on plaster, plasterboard, bricks, and wood that isn't exposed to the elements. Where you need weather and water resistance, use No More Cracks Exterior, but only for masonry work.