Selleys Aquadhere Interior is a high quality interior PVA wood glue that is suitable for everything from woodwork to craft. Perfect for end grain gluing and dries clear, therefore it won’t stain timber surfaces.


  • Suitable for end grain gluing - white in colour, but dries clear.
  • Non-toxic
  • Dries clear, won't stain timber
  • Easy clean up with water

Where can this product be used?

  • School projects and craft
  • Furniture repairs
  • Repair a split trim
  • Fix a broken photo frame
  • Restoring furniture
  • Fix a wobbly chair
  • Gluing cupboard shelves for additional support
  • Repairing a door frame or window
  • Fix a wine rack
  • Re-attach book cover/spine or repair torn bindings
  • Fix a broken drawer
  • Wooden toy repairs
  • Craft projects
  • End grain gluing 

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Interior wood
  • Cardboard
  • Cloth
  • Paper
  • Mosaics
  • Leather
  • Other craft materials


Please contact your store to confirm avaliability, as some stores may have a limited range.

Size  100mL Bottle 
  250mL Bottle
  500mL Bottle 
  1L Bottle 
  2L Bottle 
  4L Bottle 
Colours White, dries clear
Technology PVA
  1. Surfaces to be bonded must be close fitting, dry and clean.
  2. Shake bottle before use.
  3. Apply adhesive liberally to one surface only.
  4. Clamp for 30 minutes for softwoods and 1 hour for hardwoods. Do not stress joint for 12 hours.
  5. Wipe off excess adhesive with a damp cloth whilst still wet.
  6. Maximum strength is attained in 12 hours, but longer in cold, damp conditions or with dense timbers.


  • Not for exterior use.
  • Unsuitable for use on coated wallpaper overlaps eg vinyl
  • Although Aquadhere Interior is reasonably water resistant, it is not recommended for use in water or weather exposed situations or for any job where maximum water resistance is required (for weather exposed and/or wet areas we recommend Selleys Aquadhere Exterior or Selleys Aquadhere Durabond).
  • Will not take timber stains.
  • Aquadhere Interior is not recommended for joints that are subjected to constant high stress.
  • Do not use on projects that you need to be able to sand, as Aquadhere Interior is not sandable. 
  • Will not bond MDF, we recommend using Selleys Aquadhere Exterior.


  • 1L covers approximately 8m2
  • For exterior applications where weatherability is needed use Selleys Aquadhere® Exterior or Durabond.
  • To fill small gaps, Aquadhere can be mixed with sawdust.
  • Longer clamping times may be required for joints under high stress.
  • Avoid contaminating Aquadhere with iron and steel, eg nails, etc. Aquadhere contaminated with rust (iron oxide) will stain brown/black in the presence of tannins in many woods.
  • Cured adhesive can be resoftened by prolonged contact with hot water or steam.
  • If you are gluing over a larger surface, try using a small roller to aid in application.
  • For cleaning surfaces prior to application of adhesive, if the surface is porous, we would recommend using Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap. If the surface is non-porous eg glass or metal, firstly clean the surface with mineral turpentine and then again with methylated spirits. If there is old, difficult to remove residue such as old paint, we recommend using paint stripper. Ensure the surface is dry before applying the product.
  • Keep a canister of Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes nearby for a quick and effective cleanup.
  • Uncured product may be removed with water.
  • Cured product can sanded or scraped. 

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